hair transplantation

Natural hair transplantation is a common procedure for beauty. In this operation, the hair removed from the hair bank is implanted in the empty areas of the head. The type of hair removal is determined by the hair transplantation method.

Hair bank

In short, areas of the head that do not have hair loss hormones are called hair banks. Usually, the hair bank is called the sides and back of the head, and in some cases, the beard hair below the chin is also called the hair bank.

Hair transplant methods

These days, if you are looking for hair transplantation, you must have heard the names of many methods, and this must have made you confused, but in fact, all hair transplantation methods are under the main branch of both surgical and non-surgical methods, and many other methods. Are nothing but advertisements



Method FUT : This method is one of the first implantation methods. In this method, hair removal is done in the form of flap removal and slang linearly, so that a flap is separated approximately 10 cm from the back of the head and is sutured instead. The grafts are then removed under a microscope and the seeds are seeded
Combined method: This method is a combination of the fut method that we described above with the fit method, so that next to the flap removed with a hand punch, a graft is removed in the form of a grain and comes with the help of the previous method. There are up to 2500 hair grafts

Method FIT : The FIT method, or grafting with hand punches, was the first method developed in hair transplantation. In this method, grafts are harvested manually and grains are removed from behind in two or three days (this method is obsolete Has been)

Method Micro FUE : This method is almost the newest method in implantation, in which the hair is removed from the back of the head in the form of granules, but with a micromotor device, and it has a very high accuracy

Method DHI : If you have noticed, all the methods mentioned above were different in the type of hair removal, but in the DHI method, the removal is the same as the micro-UFE method, and this time the type of implant is different. In this method, hair transplantation is done with an implant device


The best method of hair transplantation

The question that is definitely on your mind if you want to do a hair transplant is that among all the real and unreal methods, it is very difficult to choose the right method. The newest method of hair transplantation is DHI, because this method has the least error compared to It has other competitors and implants are performed with great precision, but the question is whether the latest hair transplant method is the best? It should be said no because it may not be suitable for your hair bank, so instead of looking for the latest hair transplant method, it is better to look for the best hair transplant method for yourself, which can only be done by visiting a specialist doctor. Let me end this headline with a simple example: Imagine you saw a beautiful T-shirt in a clothing store and that T-shirt is the best in that store, but when you wear it, it does not come to you, this is something less than the beauty of that T-shirt. Not just for you


Disadvantages and advantages of hair transplantation

In the past, several pages of articles could be written about the disadvantages of hair transplantation, but despite the new methods, it is difficult to write a few lines. It was a head, but this big problem was solved in non-surgical methods, and now, despite methods such as micro-FUE and DHI, there is no news about stitches and wounds, and these are not stories, but it is possible to have hair transplants even in new methods. Have side effects such as migraine headaches, itching in the hair bank area, etc., all of which are transient and transient


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